How to use it

Sending a Gift Card

  • Select the Gift Card among the options available.
  • Fulfil the sender’s name.
  • Write a message to your loved one.
  • Enter the recipient’s e-mail address¹.
  • Proceed to checkout and place your order².
  • DONE!

1- If you would like to deliver the gift card by hand, enter your own e-mail address, download our printable version and write your message by hand.

2- The Gift Card is sent to the e-mail address right after the payment is done and the order status changes to “Processing”.

Redeeming a Gift Card

  • Add the itens of your like to your shopping cart.
  • Visit your shopping cart page.
  • Copy the coupon code you received.
  • Apply the code to your order¹.
  • Proceed to checkout and place your order.
  • DONE!

1- The Gift Card discount is only applied to the items in your cart, it does not work for the shipping fee.

All Gift Cards are valid for 1 (one) year before expiring. The expiry date is specified in the Gift Card sent via e-mail. Expired Gift Cards cannot be redeemed.

A Gift Card can be used unlimited times during its valid period as long as it contains credits.

Gift Cards can be used in conjunction with other discount coupons.

You can use multiple Gift Cards in the same order.

The discount generate by a Gift Card is only applied to the items in an order and does not cover the shipping fee.

It is important to notice that Gift Cards cannot be refunded. Once purchased they are automatically sent to the recipient’s e-mail address and cannot be cancelled.

The Gift Cards can only be used at MeLikesTea’s website, having no value whatsoever in any other commercial establishment and it is impossible the conversion of the Gift Card value into cash.

Gift Cards

R$ 100,00
  • USD: $18.08
R$ 200,00
  • USD: $36.16
R$ 50,00
  • USD: $9.04