Payment Plan

Payment Plan will be available for the first time during our last Overskirts and Aprons pre-order of 2023.
This is a test and depending how it goes we may or may not continue to offer this payment option in the future.

1 – Activating the Payment Plan option

  • Payment plan option is only available for Pre-Order items.
  • You have to select “Payment plan” for each pre-order item you want to order using this payment option.
    • If you do not select “Payment plan” before adding the item to your cart it will not be included in your payment plan and the payment for such item will be made in full during the checkout.
  • Be aware that the 50% deposit is not refundable and the second payment must be made before its due date for the items to be shipped.

2 – Cart and Checkout

  • In the cart page you will be able to visualise the deposit amount and the value of the 2nd payment.
    • The shipping fee CANNOT be split in half and will be charged in full during the checkout. 
  • In the checkout page you will be able to select the payment method of your choice (PayPal or Stripe) and place your order paying just the deposit amount, which is shown in the “Due today” section.

3 – Second Payment

  • The 2nd payment due date will be shown during the checkout.For this pre-order the 2nd payment due date is April 3rd.
  • The 2nd payment can be made at any time until the due date by logging in to your account and visiting your partially paid order.
    • To do the 2nd payment just click the “Pay” option and select the payment method of your choice (PayPal or Stripe)
  • The order will only be shipped once the 2nd payment is made.
    • Not paying the 2nd in time will incur in the loss of the items ordered using the Payment Plan option.

4 – Manufacturing and Shipping

  • Your order will start to be manufactured as soon as the deposit is paid.
  • Orders placed using the Payment plan will only be shipped after the 2nd payment is made, which has to happen before its due date.

By using the Payment Plan option you agree with all terms mentioned in this page.