Welcome to our new website!

Hey there! 
It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to MeLikesTea’s new Website and Blog!

We have been dreaming of this new platform for a long time and it is finally here! To celebrate its launch let’s go down memory lane and revisit how MLT used to operate since its very beginning!

Although MeLikesTea only became a registered business in October 3rd 2016, our history actually goes back to almost 7 years ago. At the time it was just me, Tai, accepting commissions for petticoats, skirts and other garments every now and then on an online Brazilian Lolita Forum to help finance my college degree.

In 2011 I also started to accept commissions from the overseas community at the “EGL Community Sales” forum on Livejournal using the name “anatnof” which was my username in the forum, and here is how people used to order from then on:

An “Available For Commissions” post, aka “[AFC]”, would be written containing a lot of information and a few items previously made by me, those interested in placing an order would fill in the following “order form” and submit it via comment, DM or e-mail, everything else was done via DM or e-mail.

Order form:
-Shipping: ( )Airmail ( )EMS
-Size: [waist, hips, thighs]

-Other info.:

In 2015 things got a little less informal, a Blogger was created and used as MeLikesTea’s website, there was more information available, individual pages for each product and the orders started to be placed using a Google Form (see below) with similar fields to the form above, now everything started to be done via e-mail. 

By the end of 2015 the commissions started to be too many for one person to handle alone and before being able to actually place an order using the Google Form above, the customer would have to enter a waiting list. Confusing and time consuming, right?

In December 2016, a little after we officially became a business, we finally started using an online store platform! We finally had a real shopping cart, a real checkout, a real automated e-mail system! That was a huge step for MLT and made everything much easier for everybody. It was also then that things at MLT started to get more serious and we finally started accepting commissions 24/7!

After that not much changed other than a few things here and there. Although the Blogger/Website was poorly put together it was MeLikesTea’s home for a while and it served its purpose.

So much happened between each of these changes, so much was done and so much was learned. MeLikesTea grew steadily, finally became a registered brand in 2018, expanded its atelier and more people joined the Team!

Today we celebrate a New Year and we celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in MeLikesTea’s history by presenting you this platform that will be our home for a while.

We hope you will enjoy this new website and we thank you for your support. Without you none of this would be possible and there would be no MeLikesTea.

Happy New Year!

Tai Fontana

If you  want to be a guest writer for MeLikesTea’s Blog send an e-mail to [email protected] including your social media and post idea/preview.

One thought on “Welcome to our new website!

  1. J.van Dort says:

    Hi Tai, I am Jos from Holland and you maked the “German-petti” for me. Of course you remember this special one. I follow you for ever.
    May I wish you all this best for 2019 in a healty condition and wishes you very very good business for 2019.
    I have already wearing the petti sometimes (with football latest year) and they all said: that’s perfect, like a petti shout be. Wide and stiff!
    I am so happy with this one, you can’t believe. Its a tribute to my late wife Esther.
    I love you.
    Lovely greatings from a cold and rainy Rotterdam/ Holland.

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